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Listen to what others say about Marie Dance and The Purple Shoes!

ENTERTAINMENT FOCUS – “A warm mix of delicate tones and solid back beats which have become infectious and sweet on the ear. 

They might be gentle at times but can also pack a punch with deep bass, bluesy sax and thumping drums.”

DUKE OF WELLINGTON – “Great energy, a cracking stage presence, cool listening and bags of fun.”

BRIGHTON UNSIGNED MAGAZINE – “No one trick pony when it comes to musical style, with haunting sultry vocals drenched in a bluesy, folk layered rawness to challenge the best that the swap rock genre offers.”

Marie Dance and The Purple Shoes mix all kind of musical styles together, from melodic Americana numbers with sweet solos, hard hitting funky tunes with powerful vocals and a twist of reggae to earnest acoustic folk, smiling and singing straight from the heart all the while.

in short if your a fan of legendary singer songwriters such as Tom Petty, Roy Orbison, Stevie Nicks and others like them, The Purple Shoes is a must have for your collection.

There lyrics have captured the attention of critics around the world and the soulful delivery and knack for melodies makes there new album the back drop for that epic Americana road trip or even just an evening sitting over your favorite bottle of Bourbon.

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