Old School Americana Music

Americana is a term used loosely to describe music that does not quite fit into a tight musical genre, Like county or Rock or country-rock.

Genre busting pioneers such as Bob Dylan, Graham Parsons and The Band can be described as old School Americana music as well as folk or country-rock. Their music is a blend of rock, folk, blues, bluegrass and R&B. but they do not fit into one particular genre. To say Americana it is recognised as American roots music.
Country and rockabilly music have also merged throughout the years. There are many different terms to describe the music of certain artists.

Rockabilly: Carl Perkins, Buddy Holly, Elvis Presley, The Everly Brothers
Country Rock: Tom Petty, The Eagles, Jonny Cash, Neil Young, Pure Prairie League
Alt-Country: Ryan Adams, Steve Earle, Wilco, Lucinda Williams.

All of these artists can also be called Americana. When the boundaries of styles mix together it becomes difficult to define the genre of an artist.

Americana music usually consists of acoustic instruments such as acoustic guitars, fiddles, and bangos but it can also go electric.

To put bands into certain categories with all the many different influences that have trickled down over the years can be confusing.

Just a handful of artists recognized as Americana are: Beck, Buddy Miller, Mumford and Sons, my morning Jacket, Robert Plant, Shakey Graves.

Elvis Presley was also one of the old school Americana pioneers as his music blended country and rock together. As well as artists such as Dolly Parton who, some might say, was very Country but she also has elements of Rock.

As more and more musical hybrids come to be it becomes difficult to define music into genres, Americana means Music with American roots but this also applies to Jazz, Folk, Blues and country as well as many other genres of music derived from America.

But there are many artists to listen to with that twangy acoustic feel with stories of love and life to listen to and enjoy and it’s all good stuff.

The Annual Americana Music Festival & Conference will take place September 12 – 17, 2017 in Nashville, TN. The festival brings together Legendary artists, new up and coming bands and solo acts, and industry professionals for six days of music and education.

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